AMD has unveiled its new platform codenamed “Spider”, with quad-core processor supporting super-high definition graphics. The AMD Spider platform combines the introduction of AMD Phenom quad-core processors, ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series graphics processors with Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support, AMD 7-Series chipsets with CrossFireX and AMD OverDrive software.Do we need anyhitng else??

AMD’s Spider platform aims to take the entusiats computing to new heights by delivering a multi-GPU enthusiast platform with ATI CrossFireX technology. The combination of the 55nm ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series of graphics processors and the increased system bandwidth of PCI Express Generation 2.0 and HyperTransport 3.0 technology, aims to provide optimal processing power for a scalable HD multi-GPU experience. This is achieved with the help of HyperTransport 3.0 technology that has more system bandwidth than ever before with up to 14.4 GB/second of high bandwidth I/O. This allows for smooth 1080P video playback, enhanced multi-GPU and high-speed disk and network interfaces. This new platform also ensures support for the only true quad-core processor and infrastructure flexibility with AM2+ socket.

For the video and graphic enthusiasts, the AMD Spider platform offers the addition of the visual processing capabilities of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. These new series of cards support UVD(unified video decoder), which ensures platform efficiency and image quality in HD-DVD and Blu-ray decoding for both H.264 and VC-1 specifications. The new platform allows for big screen gaming and entertainment with enhanced HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE(HDMI) connectivity with integrated HDCP and audio for HDMI video.

The AMD 7-Series chipsets introduce the latest ATI CrossFireX technology, supporting three or four ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series graphics processors. AMD 7-Series chipsets support up to four graphics processors and 42 PCI Express lane. The new chipsets also offer AMD OverDrive software – a Windows operating system-based performance tuning utility. Through a Windows operating system-based interface, AMD OverDrive software enthusiast can tweak their systems to achieve maximum efficiency in overclocking.