GPhone expected to debut on 11th february 2008

The much hyped GOOGLE Phone(GPhone) which we are anxiously awaiting will possibly make its first appearance in the Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona which will kick off on 11th February 2008.GOOGLE has already booked two stands on the expo floor so we never know what cool gizmos it’s going to reveal there.

GOOGLE has signed an OPEN HANDSET ALLIANCE with 34 tech companies like Samsung, Motorola and LG.HTC is one of the leading partners for designing the phone for ANDROID platform.

Its is already presumed that the GPhone will be a combination of all the goodies from the Internet giants with Android Platform superbly embedded into it.Android platform is founded on the basis of Linux kernel 2.6.GOOGLE being able to make an usable Mobile Operating System from this is an achievement in itself.

Android SDK is an open source software designing platform so that programmers can give a try to design some great masterpieces for Android platform.