Microsoft launches new website for Downloads

Microsoft launched a new website for downloading many of its updates and softwares.The new website is specifically designed only for Downloads.

Searching for a particular product for download is quite a tedious task in the older version of the website,but with the launch of the new website,it has greatly reduced the efforts to download important updates and different Microsoft products.

Also the background images and the flash animations used in the newer version of the website are eye-catching,giving a pleasant look to the website.But to have a real feel of this website,one is supposed to download and install Silverlight.Microsoft Silverlight (code-named Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF) is a runtime for browser-based Rich Internet Applications, providing a subset of the animation, vector graphics, and video playback capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation.It is a cross platform, cross browser .NET plug-in that enables designers and developers to build rich media experiences and RIAs for browsers.

This Microsoft website is still in its preview phase,but we look forward to a full fledged website dedicated only for Microsoft Downloads.

To visit the site click here