WEBSITE LOGO-Display Website Logo In Address-bar

You would have observed a logo that comes to the left of the web url in the address bar of your browser.Remember the red coloured “Y!” sign that comes in the address bar of your browser when you open the yahoo can also observe a purple coloured “O” that appears when you open Orkut.
Ever wished to have such a logo for your own website,web-page or blog?Surely,the unanimous answer would be yes!But some of us never knew how it was done.

Its simpler than you would have thought!
The logo is an image with a file extension of “.ico”( icon file)or a “.png” file.”.png”file is more advisable as most of the new browsers do not support the “.ico” file these days.You can use two types of logos:The first one with the image size of 16 x 16 pixels and the other with the image size of 32 x 32 pixels.You just have to customise an image and save it as “.ico” or”.png” but do not neglect the resolution.

After your customized logo is ready,u can upload that file to any file hosting website or the root directory of your website.After uploading,just open the file you just uploaded.Copy the link address and paste it in any of your text editor.
Search for the HEAD tags.Now paste the following code anywhere between these tags:
1)For “.ico” image files:


2)For “.png” image files:

Now save the source file.
For Blogger aka-blogspot users:
They should preferably upload the image in google page creator.This will work out smoothly for them.There are chances that google page creator might not accept “.ico” files,so more preference is given to “.png” files.Click on the image u have just uploaded.The url of this image will be like:
where “yourname” is your Gmail account name, and “logoname” is the file name.
Go to your Blogger dashboard and then in the Template tab, go to “Edit HTML”.Near the top you will find a line like:

Now paste the above given code below this line and save your template.This is all done!!!
You have successfully given a professional touch to your web-page.refresh the page to see your logo to the left of the web-address.