Easiest Way To Identify Invisible Users On Yahoo Messenger

You would have come across a situation where u can’t make out weather a particular user with whom you wish to chat is online or not.It can also happen that some people are avoiding you by showing they are offline by remaining invisible.

There are many tricks to find out weather any user is online on yahoo messenger or not.But these tricks are quite confusing or a tedious task.So,here is a easiest way to find out weather a person is online on yahoo messenger or not.

You just need to type the username of that person in the space provided and click Enter.This is so easy and it really works.

Just go to Xeeber.

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Note: You can also use another form of Xeeber for this purpose!

  • simply ~ atya

    hey i just wanted to thank u .. its grea.. it actually works..!!!!
    and its so simple like u said..
    ..thanks a ton man..

  • Gazi Noor Mohammad Hossain


  • http://shreyanshagarwal.blog.co.in Shreyansh Agarwal

    awesome man..
    it works..
    thankxx a lot!

  • RAna

    how its work can some one explan it to me how to use this website for finding invisible peoples

  • wael