Longest-Living EVOLTA Batteries From Panasonic

We often find people crying over short lived batteries.Panasonic is introducing dry-cell batteries that will keep gadgets working for 20% longer than its rival batteries do.

The name for this batteries is derived from “evolution’ adn “voltage” and is “EVOLTA”.The long life of this alkaline battery is a result of new materials(cathode-new manganese dioxide and oxy-hydroxide titanium and anode-zinc) packed inside it which also makes it more stronger than its rivals.

Evolta has a shelf life of 10 years which is 60% more than its rivals.This makes it useful in disaster preparedness kits.Also it will be available in four different types namely,AA, AAA, C and D.This will increase its use in daily equipments like TV remotes and digital cameras.

Evolta will me manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. which makes panasonic brand products.

Guiness world records have called it to be the “longest-lasting” alkaline battery till date.This series of batteries will go on sale in April in Japan and is planned to be exported overseas later this year.A pack of four will cost about $5.40 in Japan which is about 15 percent more than regular batteries.The prices for overseas market are not yet set.