Penryn Processors launched By Intel.

Intel is all set to take the computer world into an era marking 45nm processors for laptops,desktops and servers.This series is better known by the name “PENRYN”.

These chips will clock the speeds between 2GHz to 3.2 GHz with FSB roaring upto 1600MHz and will hold L2 cache to a maximum of 12MB.There will be 12 versions of the new Xeon quad-core chip which is known as Xeon 5400 series.These chips are expected soon in Indian market.

With AMD still new to 65nm processors,Intel has already launched 45nm Penryn processors for Laptops.AMD is thus facing an uphill task to catch up with Intel,though it is thinking of trying to offset the competition by offering the “tri-core” processors.

Intel unveiled Penryn processors for laptops on 6th January 2008,which are an upgradation of the Santa Rosa platform introduced in early 2007.Five new Penryn based processors have been introduced for laptops which would clock speeds from 1.9 GHz to 2.7 GHZ.The high end processors would receive L2 cache memory upto 6MB.

Acer,HP,Fujitsu and Sony have already announced the launch of their Penryn based laptops.Sony will be the newest on the block to launch the laptops in early February 2008.