Sony VAIO With Penryn And Blu-Ray

Its merry time for all those die-hard fans of Sony Vaio who are crazy for its looks.Now along with looks, Sony Vaio will come with additional power and Blu-Ray drives even though not all the Vaio’s will be equipped with Blu-Ray drives.The additional power is a blessing from the new Penryn Core 2 Duo processors by Intel.These updates by Sony in its new Vaio series is surely going to be a great step forward in this Laptop-Age.

The latest upgrades by Sony are going to spurce up four new Vaio Series laptops namely AR60,SZ70,CR30 and TP2.

Vaio AR60
This new series resebles to the ultimate meaning of the word quality.It si equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 processor and NVIDEA GeForce 8600M GT Graphics(512 MB).It offers 17 inch WUXGA widescreen display which is full HD(1080 p) in brilliant colour with X-Black LCD screen enhancement and Superbright double lamp illumination.Its 4GB of RAM and hybrid DVB-T digital/analogue tuner, remote control and HDMI makes it a mean machine for multimedia users.

Vaio SZ70
The pecularity of this machine lies in the lightweight(1.79 kg),ultraportable and carbon-fibre chassis and power saving LED screens.It is powered by C2D T9300 processor,4GB of RAM and 250GB of hard disk space.It contains a unique “Stamina Mode” which allows users to select between extended battery life of over 5 hours or exceptional graphic power.With HSDPA WWLAN technology, it will help mobile users to stay connected even while travelling.

Vaio CR30
It is among the customizable laptops with an option to opt for either C2D T8100 or C2D T8300 processors.It is equipped with 1.3 megapixel Motion Eye Webcam.With a feature of selecting a unique AV mode,we can watch films of DVD’S or play audio CD’s without having to start Windows.

Vaio TP2

Vaio TP2 is a complete Home Entertainment center.This is the renouned Circular Home Theater PC that is now powered by Intel C2D T8100 processors,Blu-Ray disc combo drive,High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI), hybrid DVB-T digital/analogue tuner and a massive 500 GB hard disk.

It is to be noted that all the processors mentioned above are 45nm penryn C2D processors by Intel.