Textual Images

We often come across images produced by alphabets and numbers(ASCII values).The darkness and the transparency of the images is shown by the density of ASCII values.The more the darkness the more is the density of alphabets.

We often wonder how we can make this images on our own.It would be quite a tedious task if we try to make it using a text editor like notepad.Here is an utility which would help you make such images from any of your photos.

Click here to download the application.

This utility is called ASCGEN and its output can either be plain text or an html page.It is a easy-to-use application and does not contain any complicated human operations.

Using this utility we can also modify the contrast,brightness and other such photogenic aspects of our textual image.With quite a lot of features,this utility is a must for people who are quite engaged on social networking sites like Orkut and Myspace.

  • http://Whitehatandroid.com Shekhar Sahu

    Will have some fun with it!

  • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

    I think there is a website that you can do this online…

  • http://www.cpawebtechnologies.com Cpa websites

    Exactly there are online tools to get this done , you just need to select one of those preset images , and either enter your own text or code or letthe tool auto populate , its cool!