Unbrick the Bricked-Dead IPhones(Unlock)

Its good news for all those who had unsuccessful attempts to unlock their dead Iphones.Here is a very interesting update provided by Apple for version 1.1.3,which helps to unlock the bricked Iphones.

A bricked Iphone is an useless piece of hardware which gets locked of all features if we try and fail to unlock it.But the new upgrade available from Apple is said to undertake a miraculous function.It is said to bring life back in your bricked IPhone.

The new upgrade is said to overwrite the previous firm-ware codes of your Iphone which lead to its locking.Now its possible to send and receive calls, SMS and mails too, as well as surf the web with it.

This great feat was managed by the people out there at Gizmodo.com who used i-Tunes and their Mac’s to their fullest content.

Click here to find the video tutorials.
Now it wont be surprise if we see a sudden rise in IPhone sales.