Valentine day “LOVE BUGS” FOR PC’s

Two new worms have been detected by Panda security systems which are named as Nuwar.OL and Valentin.E.These worms are expected to play havoc as they mislead the users to various harmful websites which in-turn download malicious code into the victims PC.

Both these worms use the theme of Valentine’s Day to lure and attract the victim.

Nuwar.OL worm is enclosed in an e-mail with subjects like “I Love You So Much”, “Inside My Heart” or “You … In My Dreams.”The text of the e-mail includes a link to a Website that downloads the malicious code(malware) into the PC.The web-page which is opened is very simple and looks like a romantic greeting card, with a large pink heart.

After infecting a computer, the worm spreads by sending e-mails to the infected user’s contacts, which also creates a heavy load on networks and slows down the computer, according to PandaLabs.

Valentin.E spreads by e-mails with subjects like “Searching for True Love” or “True Love” and an attached file called “friends4u.”If the victim opens the attached file, a copy of the worm gets downloaded. The malicious code installs on the computer as a file with the .scr extension. If the user runs it, Valentin.E shows a new desktop background to trick the user,so as to make the user think that the attachment he downloaded is an image file.

After changing the desktop background, it makes several copies of itself on the downloaded computer. Finally, the worm sends out e-mails with copies of itself from the infected computer to spread and infect more users.

As by now,you would have realised how harmful these worms would be.So, there are some measures which you can undertake to protect yourself from such trojan risks.

1) Use an up-to-date Antivirus software.Preferably the one which has the feature to scan attachment files.

2) Do not open any e-mails from unknown sources.

3) Do not click on links in e-mail messages, even if they come from reliable sources. It is better to type them in the address bar.

4) Do not open attachment files from unknown sources about attractive subjects like “Love” ,”Valentine’s Day” ,etc.