Google Planning To Acquire Stake In CNet

A lot of rumors keep coming up in the news but we hardly pay heed to them.But this one is a special one.”Google planning to acquire stake in CNet”.

Thanks to this rumor, CNet’s share received a boost of 7% in the Stock market.In January, a group of investors began collecting shares of CNet and tried their best to exert influence on the makeup of the board of directors.But this didn’t really work out.

According to various analysts ,it is quite unlikely that Google would show interest in CNet.But when Yahoo bidding for Microsoft, it is possible that Google would opt for a stake in San Francisco based CNet.

CNet is primarily a content generation company and Google has till now avoided acquisitions which give them access to portals.Google investing in CNet in exchange for control over some or all of the advertising inventory would not be a bad decision.

Although Google has officially declined to comment on this rumor ,we never know what is the Google’s strategy to hold its place in this web-world.