Intel – Revised Centrino And Upcoming Montevina platform.

We are quite familiar with Centrino processors for laptops and other mobile gizmos.Intel has used this brand name Centrino for four generations of its notebook platforms including Carmel, Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa.

But with the latest Penryn processors set to make it appearance in the market,Intel has decided to revise its brand name “Centrino” to “Centrino 2”.The revision in the name is expected to reduce the confusion for the consumers between the old Centrino 65nm processors and the new Centrino 45nm processors.These Centrino 2 processors will be based on the upcoming notebook Montevina platform which will be launched at Computex 08 going to be held in Taipei in June this year.

Along with the Centrino 2 platform in Computex Taipei 2008, Intel is set to launch six 45nm(Penryn) notebook CPUs, all with a 1066MHz FSB. Core speeds will range between 2.26-3.06 GHz and prices between US$209-851 in 1000-unit bulk quantities.

Intel is then supposed launch seven 45nm SFF (small form factor) notebook CPUs, similar to those used in Apple’s MacBook Air and other ultra-portable notebooks, in the third quarter of this year.

So, the Intel strategy appears quite clear as AMD is left quite back still working on 65nm processors.But we never know what AMD is going to bring for us this year.