Invisible Mode On Google Talk(g-talk)

According to a survey by google the biggest thing lacking in Google Talk is its Invisible mode.And this is the only thing which makes Yahoo Messenger scores more than g-talk.

But we always knew that google will not stay behind for long and it has now included an Invisible mode in its Google talk Gadget.

The Invisible mode is included only in the G-Talk gadget in the Gmail service.The G-talk software doest not include this service till date.But this service will surely be included in the latest version which is expected to release in short time.

Google has also added a feature to place the google talk gadget on Websites and blogs.It gives a code to be edited with your html code and u can see the changes.This is specially for the benifit of bloggers who find it chaotic to shift windows for chatting with their google-talk friends.You can get your Gadget code by Clicking here.

This will surely make many users to shift from Yahoo Messenger to Google Talk,and thus Google is doing its best to create its monopoly in this web-world.