Keep Your Google Searches Hidden

We fear getting caught while searching Google for articles which we are not supposed to access.But we just cant help having a look at them.So,here is the way to remain secure and not getting caught after searching in Google.

1) Clear your cookies and delete the history of websites you have visited.Firefox has a good function to “Delete all private data”.You can access this feature through Tools>Clear Private Data in Firefox menu-bar.

2) Always clear your cache.This is already done through “Delete Private Data” function.You can download a small utility named “Ccleaner” for the above given precautions.This utility will help clear all the temporary files from your Pc.This utility can be downloaded by clicking here.

3)Use an IP address hiding tool to keep your IP address hidden.You can download a hide-IP software by clicking here.

4)Use Scroogle which is an Ads free Google search proxy,which shows exact Google search results and also helps keep our Anonymity.Go to Scroogle.
We can also use Dogpile Search for the same.

5)Web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol are kept anonymous by using “Tor”.Visit its official website by clicking here.

This all will help in keeping your privacy but we cant promise 100% privacy because nothing is dependable.

  • Rohit sane

    thanks for sharing your proved useful…