XFX-NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Graphic Card In India.

The long awaited GeForce 9 series made its way to Indian Market on 22nd February 2008 with the launch of 9600 GT.This card is the successor of 8600 GT but is expected to match the performance of 8800 versions.Being released yesterday in India we have not yet received a proper review of this product, but we are glad to announce that this launch was conducted by XFX technologies.

The 9600 GT supports new-age GeForce graphics with PureVideo HD technology, which enables the PC to play HD DVD and Blu-ray video playback with brilliant clarity. This first product in the 9600 GT series is expected to offer up to 90 percent greater performance than any GeForce card in its class. With support to Microsoft DirectX 10 , NVIDIA’s Quantum Effects technology, Lumenex engine as well as Unified Architecture ensuring optimium game performance ,it is a good choice for multimedia users.

Its standard version has the core clock speed of 650 Mhz,but XFX also has Extreme and XXX versions which have core clock speeds of 670 and 700 MHz respectively.

The 9600 GT XXX edition is fully HDMI certified and includes a HDMI component kit but even the standard versions are capable of using the HDMI certified components.

This card is available with a cool offer to attract the freaks which is a 3 year warranty and a “Company of Heroes” DVD as a bonus game bundle.The 9600 GT is priced at 13990 Rs across India.

There is quite a lot of speculation weather some of the 8800 versions give better performance than this card.The price factor is also an issue widely talked about.We will put some light of this issue in short time.Stay updated.

  • Ankit

    Please mail me the latest price of nVIDIA GEFORCE 9600 GT(512 MB) graphic card in DELHI as soon as possible.