Dell computers available offline in India.

Dell,the number 2 Pc maker in the world has brought in retail outlets in India.The company’s marketing officials noticed that one of the major reasons for Dell’s backwardness in Indian computer market was lack of its retail outlets.

Dell allows booking through its website as well as via phone.But Indian customers are quite hesitant about these practises.But now Dell has tied up with Electronics supermarket chain Croma which is a TATA Enterprise.

Now ,from April onwards we can find Dell’s Pc’s ,Laptops and other accessories in Croma outlets.This is an encouraging move for customers to opt for Dell pc’s.Also customers will be able to take advantage of customizing their Dell pc’s and use its features to its fullest.

Dell currently ranks 4th in the Pc user base market in India with 8.6%.HP(hewlett packard) leads the way with more than 30%market share.”Dell has increased its revenue by 60% in the last fiscal in India.And its looks forward to India’s one of the biggest markets in coming years.Dell has considered and analysed the needs of Indian customers and we look forward to serve them with the best” ,Dell spokesperson said.

It wont be a surprise if we find America’s number 1 pc maker leading India’s pc market in near future.