Google Adsense Click Fraud – Working System

We have heard a lot of cases of Google Adsense accounts getting discontinued.Also the reason observed in most of these cases is Click Fraud.

Many publishers are engaged in Click Exchange programs which help them earn fast money.But these publishers don’t understand that Google is not a fool.Google is having a close watch on all the activities in its Adsense network.

Many publishes have joined programs which promise them to earn hard-cash and that too in a very shot time interval.We can also notice many of such advertisements in the newspapers promising fast cash through Google Adsense network.

The publishers in such networks click on other publishers ads and those publishers in-turn click on other publisher’s ads.Thus the whole system works and these people make money.But such fake Adsense accounts are short-lived.These accounts get banned by Google regularly and so their revenue is returned to the advertisers.

Also there is quite a lot of speculation weather Google is really having a close watch on these accounts or not.Some of such accounts are noticed to have worked for long times and are still doing good.

But finally these chances of such fake accounts being hidden from the Lord of Internet (GOOGLE) are very less and they mostly meet their end without earning even a single penny.

It is also observed that such Click Fraud cases are mostly taking place in India,Japan,UK and most of the South-American countries.But undoubtedly India tops the charts in this Field.

  • raza rahil hussain

    Nice post, read 10 Adsense mistake which banned your account…

  • Vaibhav | Programming Kid

    You are right. The advertisers money goes to waste. Its the advertiser who pays for the click fraud. Its shameful

  • Ricky

    I hate this type of activities. Good to see that you saw this type of ads in newspaper and posted it here.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Ricky @Vaibhav: It really a shame for publishers to earn money doing such cheap stuff!

  • How to build a list


    Nice post! I’m so disappointed to read that people are actually paying companies to click on their adsense. Don’t they have a conscience? Don’t they realize people are actually paying hard earned money to put up their ads.

    I congratulate Google for taking action against people who do this.



  • josha dias

    Hai guys but google bannes the site and refunds the money to advertisers.