Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released – IE8 Beta 1

Microsoft released the 8th version of its Internet Browser namely Internet Explorer 8 on 5th March 2008.This is the first public beta of IE 8 for Windows Vista,Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP SP2.

This version is designed by considering the enormous growth in the web-testing and the designing field.This version contains features helpful for web-designers to test the working of their websites.

This beta version also has the facility of working as the normal fully developed IE7.We just need to click the “EMULATE IE7” button present.

Also its working and its speed appear to have increased with respect to the older IE7.It is advisable to lay your hands on it soon and enjoy it.

The download link is as given below:
Download IE 8 for Windows XP SP2
Download IE 8 for Windows Vista And Windows Server 2008