Improve Page Rank By Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The primary target of most Bloggers and website owners is to attract traffic to their Web-space. Most of the traffic comes from search engine from the search results which they offer. For better search results i.e.To improve page rank in search engines there are some useful working tips for Bloggers.These tips prove helpful in making your websites listed in the top search results.

Creating a Keyword-Rich permalink
Permalink is the abbreviation of the words “Permanent Link”.Permalink is the link address which we observe in the address-bar of the browser after opening a web-page.When we search a particular query in Search engines like Google,we come across various results.These results are based on the query which we enter.The point to be noted here is that the results mostly are those articles whose title or the link address contain the keywords which we type.Taking care of this fact we can take full advantage of the working of this system.A permalink is a constant link address and it does not change.So creating a keyword-rich permalink is a key to improving the page rankings.Bloggers can take advantage that the permalink of their articles are their blog titles.The blog titles which are first published are converted into a link.For example:My Blog contains a post with the title-“Keep Your Google Searches Hidden” and its permalink is
So we can make a title rich in keywords and publish it.Then we can Edit-change it but the permalink does not change.For example-Consider this post itself.Observe its title and its permalink.They are totally different.I had first made a title saying “seo-creating permalink title keywords improve-PageRank” so I got this link.I then edited the title to the above one.One more thing to observe here is only the first six words are included in the permalink.

Descriptive Title
The title is one of the most attractive sign to attract visitors to your web-page.A descriptive title helps the users to have a fair idea of the content of your article.But it should be noted that the title should not be more than 80 characters because the search engines tend to neglect longer titles than a particular range, so it might not list your article in the search results.

Difference between Permalink and Title
Having a title different than the permalink gives you a double advantage.It helps your website to get listed in the search engine results on the bases of two different criteria namely-“Title” and “Permalink”.Your article gets listed if you have a title containing the search queries ,also if your title does not contain the keywords but your permalink contains those.So its like a double advantage to improve your search Page rankings.

Unique Content
One of the major criterion for deciding the Order of the search results is the originality of the content.If you post an article which is copied or a similar content is already written by someone else then you probably get a lower ranking than the one from which you copied that content.So be original and score a better Page-Rank than others.

Regularity in updating your website.
If you are a blogger you should update your blog regularly.By stating this,I mean that you should write new posts at least once in 3 days so as to earn a decent page -rank.If you are a website publisher, adding new pages with new topics and unique content is a good way to have a decent page rank.

Note: This post was written by me when I was a beginner in the SEO field! Let me tell you, Page Rank has very small effect on your Search engine Rankings.

  • rohit s

    cool tricks…i m improving my page-rank thanks to your guidance

  • Anthony James Barnett – Author

    Wow! I love the article. I’ll certainly be following this advice. It’s the tops.



  • rahul

    Nice post……..specially the double advantage thing…….its gr8 to have a separate permalink then the title.


  • David |

    These tips you stated above are really important to receive more traffic and to improve the page rank of our blogs. But it´s hard to me to write at least one article in 3 days. Maybe I should write shorter posts :).

    Good article!

  • Rohit Sane

    @David: Don’t decrease the quality of your post. Keep it the same. it ok if you write after about 5 days. But be consistent and unique.

  • Abhilash Thekkel

    Nice tips.. Keep it up :)