Desktop Computer with SSD from HP.

Got bored of those huge desktop Pc’s consuming a lot of space???HP has announced a Desktop Pc with its CPU integrated with its monitor.Sounds good??

Hewlett Packard (HP) India has announced the Compaq dc7800, claimed to be the industry’s first desktop PC incorporating a Solid State hard drive (SSD), coming in an ultra-slim form factor.Meant for business users, the dc7800 is packed with a lot of environmentally-friendly features to comply with stringent environmental requirements of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold registry.

The included SSD allows for superior performance and durability in the form of near-instant access to data and elimination of moving parts that typically cause a lot of wear and tear. The other advantages include faster boot times, improved power efficiency, shock improvement, and a smaller overall footprint. According to HP, dc7800 is the smallest business-ready desktop being around 46 percent smaller than its predecessors, at the same time providing 85 percent power efficiency.

Its sleek look would add a new glow to your present office or you can also have such a gizmo to show off your freaky attitude.The Compaq dc7800 will be available in the market from May 1 and will cost Rs 40,000.