Easiest Way to search Torrent Files

The Web-King Google has always helped us to get all that we need within fraction of a second.But for modern day downloads, we often opt for peer-to-peer network softwares and Torrent applications.But we find ourselves in another problem while using torrents that “Where to search torrent files for?”.We need to browse through various different sites to get those.

We also get it through Google but typing the “extension name” and the the “website to browse” in the search box is quite a mess.But now ,searching torrent files through Google wont be so troublesome.Some geeks have designed a Custom Google Search Engine to search only Torrent files.You wont get any other search results besides torrent files in this search engine.

Named as TOORGLE,this search engine searches various torrent files hosting websites like MININOVA,SUMOTORRENT,ISOHUNT,etc.As it is a customised Google search we don’t need to get accustomed to its interface as we are already accustomed to it.

Click Here to go to TOORGLE