Emails Tracking Location,Time and Delivery Reports

We are all acquainted with the delivery reports after sending SMS-text messages from cell phones.These reports tell us when the SMS message reaches the recipients cell phone.But it does not tell us when that message is first read.That sent message can lay unread for even 2-3 days and we need not have any idea regarding that.

So the same concept is used in Emails but here, you can get the exact Date and time of opening,Location of recipient (per their ISP city /town),Map of location,Recipients IP address,Apparent email address of opening (if available),Referrer details (i.e. if accessed via web mail etc),URL clicks,How long that Email is read,etc..All this with the recipient unaware.

ReadNotify is a reliable email tracking service that tells you when email you sent gets read / re-opened / forwarded and much more.It has now been extended to track Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents and also MS Word or Excel documents.Even though tracked, the recipient has no idea about it.

The tracking method is easy.You simply need to add to the end of your recipients email address (the recipients won’t see this).Another method is to install an ActiveTracker plugin.

ReadNotify allows you to choose the preferred way to receive your tracking receipts.Example: Email ReadNotifications ,SMS alert on your cell-phone or pager, Instant Messenger ,your Personal Tracking Page,etc. does not use or contain any sp?y-ware, ma?l-ware, nor vi?rues, it is not ill?egal to use, and does not breach any pri?vacy reg?ulations in any countries.