NFS Undercover announced – Better than ProStreet

All Need for Speed fans were highly depressed when ProStreet appeared to be a Crappy game. But the ever expanding Need for Speed series has announced the next game in this series.It will be named as Undercover.

EA CEO John Riccitiello said Need for Speed Undercover will be based on the movie “Transporter”.On Need for Speed, he also said “We resurrected the game when we brought out Most Wanted and then Underground – the sort of chase and be chased, and the whole underground ethos of street racing at 3:00 in the morning…Now we’re coming back with a strong narrative hook, and I feel really good about the title.I’m confident that Undercover is a much better game than ProStreet, and I expect that from this point forward that we’ll do a lot better.”

The Vancouver studio team developing the Need for Speed franchise has been both expanded and split into two. As an outcome of the move, Need for Speed titles will now be on a 24-month development cycle, as opposed to 12 months, since two independent teams will work on alternating installments.

Although there was no indication of platforms and release dates ,we expect it to appear on every Gaming console available.It is expected to roll out later this year (around mid-November).