Make Older Plugins and Add-ons Work with Firefox3.0

All the beta releases of Mozilla Firefox 3.0 have had a great number of downloaders.Also the Mozilla Firefox RC1 is a hit among the the Internet Freaks.But the only problem with these browsers is that the older add-ons From Mozilla’s collection don’t work(not compatible) with them.As Mozilla has a great number of addictive add-ons and I’m among the one addicted to many of them,it was a hard time for me to stop using them as soon as I downloaded the beta versions and the RC1 of Firefox3.0.But I came across a trick which makes older add-ons work with the latest Firefox editions.

DO NOT TRY THIS unless you are comfortable editing the advanced preferences of your browser. I am not responsible for any troubles with your browser but this trick worked fine for me.So I m sharing this with you.

The key to this fix is to prevent Firefox from checking its version number before it tries to load the installed extensions. To do this, you will need to set a new preference value. Point your browser at the URL “about:config”, then right-click on the preferences list to bring up the contextual menu. You should see an option that says “New” .Select that, and choose “Boolean”. When it asks you for the preference name, type “extensions.checkCompatibility” (without the quotes). You have to enter this name exactly. For this value, choose “false”.

Now restart Firefox. When the browser comes back up, it might give you a warning that version checking is disabled. You can double-check under “Tools:Add-Ons” to make sure everything is activated once again.

In the worst case,the browser won’t start after you add the new preferences.So you’ll need to remove it by hand. Locate the file “prefs.js” within your Firefox profile directory and edit it with any text file editor to delete the line with the preference you just created. (If you are unable to understand these steps then its advisable not to try this trick)
Originally posted on Orkut.