Trojans affecting Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 Observed

Mac OS X is known to be among the very strong Operating Systems again Viruses and Trojans.But recently Trojan Horses for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 are observed.

Secure Mac a Macintosh Security Website has found two new Trojan horses recently and has adviced Mac users to keep their Antivirus Softwares updated.

A Trojan horse named AppleScript.THT runs hidden on the system, and allows a malicious user complete remote access to the system, can transmit system and user passwords, and can avoid detection by opening ports in the firewall and turning off system logging. Also,this Trojan horse can log keystrokes, take pictures with the built-in Apple iSight camera, take screenshots, and turn on file sharing. The Trojan horse exploits a recently discovered vulnerability with the Apple Remote Desktop Agent, which allows it to run as root.

This Trojan horse is currently being distributed from a hacker website, where discussion has taken place on distributing the Trojan horse through iChat and Limewire.

The Trojan named OSX.Trojan.PokerStealer is a script wrapped in an executable bundle. Once launched, the script will prompt the user for his password, and turn on SSH for outside attackers to gain access to the system.