Intel Cuts-down Core2Duo Prices by 31%

When inflation is on an all-time rise, who would expect price cuts? But to our surprise, Intel has slashed Core2Duo Prices By 31%. We are yet unable to guess the strategy of Intel by taking such a step, but surely it is a welcome move by all the consumers.

The price cuts of 31% are not available on all Core2Duo processors but only on some of them. Among the major ones include desktop Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz) which is now available for $183 instead of $266, the quad-core Q6600 dropping to $193 from to $224 and the best choice for budget users-the E7200 falling from $199 to $183. Intel’s server-based Xeon line also saw some price reductions. The X3220 (2.4 GHz) processor dropped to $198 from $224.

Even though these price cuts appear strange, it shows Intel’s strong hold on the desktop processor market. Even when AMD trying hard to cope up with Intel (it also experienced higher sales in the last quarter), it appears quite difficult to stay in pace with Intel’s more fast and streamlined range.

When ATI graphic cards namely 4850 and 4870 giving a tough competition to Nvidia, AMD appears to create a strong foothold in The GPU market. It appears to have let-loose the competition with Intel. But we never know when Big-Boys like AMD strike back.