5 Words in Windows-Vista Dictionary = 56MB

I won’t deny that Windows Vista Update Manager is among the most hardworking Software on my PC. Day-in-and-day-out I am prompted to update my system with new patches. Two days back I stumbled-upon an Update, 56.4 MB in size and tagged as important. Not in mood to take any risks about my system, I installed this update. Only to find out…

Software Giant Microsoft has updated my Windows Vista dictionary by 5 words, namely “Obama”, “Friendster”, “Klum”, “Nazr”, and “Racicot”.Microsoft appears to have some language issues between German and English names, but these are quite negligible for people like me who have no interest in politics. But if you wish to write about the latest news in America, it is advised that you download the KB955020 update. OK updated !!

But when you come to know that 5 words weighed 56.4 MB, you would have better given it another thought, weather to install this update or No. Anyways, it does not require rocket science to understand that 5 words are not of 56.4 MB (only a few bytes) size. So what extra is packed in that update?

After going through the Knowledge base article about this update it appears that Microsoft is completely changing your old Windows dictionary with a new one, just for the sake of of adding 5 words. So, now I know that basically I downloaded the entire dictionary again.

Thanks Alex for bringing it to notice.

  • dhaval