Create a Multi-Author Blog in

Multi-Author blogging is among the latest trends in blogging. Creating a Multi-Author blog in Blogger is a simple thing to do. Things you will need in this are:
1) A Blogger blog.
2) Internet browser.
3) Email addresses of various Authors whom you are inviting to post articles on the Multi-Author blog.

Follow the following steps in Blogger after signing-in:
STEP 1: In the Dashboard, Go to the Setting tab.

STEP 2: Click the link for Permissions among the various tabs open.

STEP 3: Use the Add Authors button to add one or more Authors to the Multi-Author blog.

STEP 4: When the form opens-up after clicking the button, Enter the Email addresses for each new Author separated by a comma. You can enter upto 100 Email addresses. This means you can have upto 100 different Authors.

STEP 5: An invitational Email is send to all those Email addresses. If they accept your invitation, they just need to click a link in the Email to go to the They should sign-in to start posting.

Even though different authors are posting on the blog, the person under whose Email address the blog is registered holds complete authority over the blog. He/She can delete and edit any posts. He can also make amends to the template code.

The invited Authors do not have such rights. They can just edit or delete the posts which they write.