Create Single-person readable notes-Self destructive notes

There are many cases where we want to keep secrets.We want to share some information with someone in particular but don’t want to disclose the same issue to others.Privnote(short for Private Notes) is a web tool that you can use to send private notes over the Internet.

Privnote is a easy-to-use web service which helps you create self-destructible notes, which automatically destroy themselves as soon as they are read.

After posting the note, you get a link to the note, and once that link is clicked the note is destroyed so it can only be seen once. If someone intercepts the link and sees the note before the person who is expected to read it, that person will known that the secret-note has been leaked, and can tell you about it.

You can also be notified when your note gets read you can do it by checking the notify box located below then note. Neither email nor instant messaging provides a reliable way to know if, your messages are read.

If you send a note and suddenly regret having done so, you can click the link yourself which will destroy the note and prevent the receiver to read it.

Thanks Amit,Robin