Create UnDeletable Invisible Folder with No-Name

Playing Pranks has been in by Blood. Cant help it! I wish to tell you about creating a folder with no-name i.e. blank name. An invisible folder. To add fuel to the fire, what if we can make this folder as Un-deletable? Sounds interesting, huh?

1. Create a New folder.
2. Right-click on it, then choose rename.
3. After that delete the name New Folder and press Alt key.Type 0160 while holding the Alt key. Use Num-Pad for typing numerals.
4. That will create invisible space in the folder name, press Enter.
5. Right-click that folder, choose properties, then go to Customize tab.
6. Click Change Icon and then choose invisible icon. As shown in the image.

Now try deleting this invisible folder. Ohh! can’t delete it? So, what can be done to get rid of this stupid invisible undeletable folder? Here is the trick…

1. Open a Command Prompt window. You will find a command saying:
C:\Users\Tech-Freak Stuff> where Tech-Freak Stuff will be replaced by your Username.

2. Go to the parent directory where you have saved the invisible folder. If you have saved it on Desktop, then type:
C:\Users\Tech-Freak Stuff>cd desktop And press enter.

3. Then you enter Desktop. Now type:
C:\Users\Tech-Freak Stuff\Desktop>dir/x And press enter.

4. There it will show up all the directories present on the desktop in their DOS format names(8 character names). The invisible undeletable folder will have a name like 0A00~1. Might not be exactly same.

5. Type rd/s [DOS NAME OF FOLDER] And press enter. For example:
C:\Users\Tech-Freak Stuff\Desktop>rd/s 0A00~1

6. A question will be asked weather you are sure or no. Type Y and press Enter. The folder should be deleted.
What say about this trick?

  • dhaval

    grt one yaar

  • Anonymous

    u must really b a prankster!
    tht was really funny! but smart

  • dave

    thanks… I needed to get rid of a folder like that.

  • Anonymous

    Good trick with clear instruction.

  • Anonymous

    I did this and it disappeared from my desktop folder but it did not disappear from the desktop itself. I rebooted my laptop and that did it. Thanks. It’s the perfect place to hide private files. you could make it as small as possible and hide it behind a sidebar gadget like a clock.

  • Anonymous

    that folder gets deleted… it doesn’t require any command prompt????

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    It does require some commands in the command prompt! those are mentioned clearly in the Article

  • janu

    It will not work in xp and vista

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    This method has been tested with window Vista as well as Windows XP. Just check weather you are not doing any error while following the steps. The people commenting above have successfully used this trick!

  • Karam Hussain

    thanks a lot
    but the problem I faced that the invisible folder still can be deleted on XP I tried it and I followed the steps step by step and I created invisible folder but still deletable
    please try to solve me this a big problem

  • vishal

    Please tell me how to remove a unnamed folder in vista, i created the folder by above trick but not able to delete it. From where to open the command prompt window???? plz help

  • Rohit Sane

    @Vishal: To open Command Prompt, Go to Run and then type CMD.

  • BAS

    Or you can use alt+255 combination also.

  • Bogdan

    10x. You’re The Man !!! FUN & SMART. I hope you got more pranks. I have XP SP3. I can delete the folder like any other.

  • pravin

    i will try to this trick soon because this type trick make me crazy.

  • charlie mcree

    I dont really see how this is much of a prank. What the hell would you use it for?

  • Depraved

    I was able to delete it w/o going thru the command prompt.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Charlie: For storing private information..


    REALLY HELPFULL.. thanks to teck freak and u… can we compress a file of folder without software?

  • himanshu

    but u don’t answering so many time asked here the invisible folder is still deletable ! plz give an answer for that i need it !

  • chandan

    It is deleted in Xp

  • Tuder

    Does not work: the file can be deleted (Windows 7 Ultimate X64)