Earn Money for searching Google,Yahoo & MSN in one place.

Nothing in this world is perfect. There are drawbacks in the search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN, but we do not identify those. Sometimes, we do not get a particular search result in Yahoo which is expected to top the rankings, but the same search result is ranked very high by Google. The search engine properties of different companies differ and so there is a difference in search results obtained by searching the same keyword in different search engines. So here is a new utility which was launched a few days ago, which tries to overcome the individual failures of different search engines.

Scour is a brand new Social Search engine which delivers a much greater value to the User. Among the major differences between Scour and other search engines is its reward-based searching, where you are rewarded for your searches! You can even comment and vote for the search results. The more positive votes a particular search result gets, its ranking in Scour increases. For every search, comment, and vote you contribute to the Scour community, you receive points.Points can also be earned by referring friends to Scour. You can redeem your points for VISA gift cards – 6500 points (minimum) gets you $25 in rewards, so you Get paid for what you already do!(search)

You can Sign-up at Scour to start accumulating points.

Also among the great features of Scour is its ability to Search Google, Yahoo and MSN at the same time and at the same place. The search result interface makes us aware of a particular search result ranking on each of these search engines.Scour also offers a toolbar so that users can search Scour from their Internet browsers.

The new Era is Search engine marketing is here an we cant help falling prey to it…Start earning with Scour

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