Free Technical Support From Microsoft For All Windows Vista-SP1 Customers

There are many nagging issues with Windows Vista. Sometimes some drivers don’t work and we are left with useless hardware. Also, there are complains regarding many software programs and hardware devices stop working after upgrading Windows Vista to Service Pack 1 (SP1). Also, help might be needed when we are trapped mid-way in Windows installation. Now Microsoft presents a one-stop answer-center to all your questions regarding Windows Vista troubleshooting.

Now users all over the world can contact Microsoft directly over phone, email or web chat as they now offer free and unlimited tech support to all Windows Vista customers worldwide who are using Service Pack 1. Now you don’t need to go browse any blogs or web-forums for Windows Vista queries.

This feature (call it Offer) is valid worldwide until March 18, 2009. The offer may not be used with pirated copies of Windows Vista as you would require the 20 digit Product ID for filing a support.

You can visit Microsoft Help and Support for selecting your location and get direct links to user-support centers.