Guide to Creating Strong Passwords

These days we quite often find a small graphical image depicting the strength of our password whenever we type it, while registering with any website. The inbuilt program finds the relevance of your password with your username and also the characters used in the password. The lesser the resemblance between the username and password the more secure is the password. Also a good combination of numerals, special characters and alphabets is supposed to be the characteristics of a good (unhackable) password

Hacking or guessing of passwords are on the rise and you need to create unhackable and secure passwords which others cannot guess. Also, there is no use of password which you yourself tend to forget. Today I am going to bring some tips for you which will help creating strong passwords, which wont be difficult for you to remember:

1) Consider any iconic number like your birth date. A perfect combination of your birth date in numerals and words works wonders.
Example: Birth date is 9th January 1989
The password can be: 9y9r8a9u1naj
The logic we use here is 9th-day of month, last to first characters of the month alternated by last to first characters of the birth year. The remaining characters after alternation are used in the reverse order. I understand this was difficult to follow. But this technique creates among the strongest of passwords.

2) Use your car number and your name in alternate order.
Example: If my number-plate of my car says- MH04C678 and my name is John.
Then the password can be: MjHo0h4nC678
Remember here that we are using a good combination of uppercase and lowercase characters.

3) You can use any combination of characters but use the website name where you are registering.
Example: You have decided to use abcd1234 as the password and you are registering for
So you can use the first and last characters of Yahoo within your password.
Password can be: oabcd1234y
Here we are using the first and last characters in yahoo in reverse order at the start and the end of the password.

Share any good ideas for creating secure passwords if you have any. I will keep updating this list..

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