Hardware that fights Virus,Spyware and all Malwares and Data recovery Agent

Viruses and Spyware Infections have become quite common these days.Once most of the Viruses,Spywares or Trojans enter the system, we need to format and reinstall our operating system. But many Institutions and Corporates cannot afford to lose their important data, so they always try to avoid formatting their PC. Although, backing-up the important data is one option, we never know that the data which we back-up is infected or no. Also, even Antivirus these days are unable to catch some viruses. So it is better if we have a hardware that fights viruses and helps Data-Recovery with Automatic Back-Up.

A Few-Days back when i visited my Computer Dealer he showed me a new hardware which fights viruses and all kinds of malware.It also supports BIOS attacks. PCGuard is compatible with all computer with a processor advanced than Pentium-I. It works well with any hard-disk, be it SATA, IDE or any other. PCGuard needs VGA graphics and one Empty PCI slot where it is attached.Being compatible with all Windows operating Systems and Also LINUX is a plus point. Sorry Mac users!!

PCGuard works mostly as a data Back-Up tool. It continuously backs-up all the data. So whenever the Computer gets infected,we can recover the System to any given time. Most branded Computers have an inbuilt Software utility which helps the user to shift the PC to their Factory-Condition (as if the PC is just new).But this process takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 4-5 hours(for slow or old systems). PCGuard can recover any Software crash, virus or spyware infection,trojan attack. etc within 3 to 8 seconds.Its this fast. For any additional information, enquire in the comment section.