Railways to Provide 30Mbps-Maximum Internet Download Speed in India.

In India 256 kbps Bandwidth costs the same as Japan’s 8 Mbps. India being among the countries where Internet Bandwidth is the costliest, 30 Mbps download speed would find no comparisons. Also,what if the Bandwidth is subsidised? Yes, it is in fact going to come true !!

Indian Railways is all set to join the group of Internet Service Providers (ISP), first establishing itself in Kerela where they will provide broadband Internet connection through the Railtel Corporation of India Ltd. The main objective of this scheme is to convert Railway Stations into a source for education centres. Special provisions will be available for those browsing education sites. The biggest incentive for those taking the net service of Indian Railways is that they can download unlimited education material free.

A. Seshagiri Rao, executive director (southern region) of Railtel said, “IANS Railtel would provide the service through cable operators who have connectivity across the state. The Internet service would become operational in the next two to three months.”

“The biggest advantage of Indian Railways Internet is that downloading of education material will be at a speed ranging from 2 mpbs to 30 Mpbs,” added Rao.

For betterment in Educational sector, Railtel has finalized a tie-up with the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore where they have ready more than 6,000 hours of lectures by the faculty.

Railtel, which manages the communication sector of Indian Railways, has laid more than 38,000 km of optical fibre cable across the country, which would be the backbone for providing broadband connectivity in Kerela.

  • Sarvesh

    I wish they do something sort of this in Mumbai !!

  • http://www,broadband-expert.co.uk Broadband Expert

    Having travelled through India, often by train, only a few years ago the thought of 30Mbs broadband on a train is almost unbelievable. There’s certainly no trains in the UK that offer access to a 30Mbs broadband service and it would be a real coup for India if they could offer this sort of service before many western countries!