Safer, Faster, Smarter and Reliable way to Surf Internet

While talking about technology, I found out that many of my friends are unaware of the service named OpenDNS. It is the world’s largest and fastest-growing DNS service which makes your Internet network safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Also it’s free.

OpenDNS is a DNS service which does not force you with any hardware or software installations.The only thing you need to do for using OpenDNS is Use the DNS Server addresses of OpenDNS. It provides you with two DNS server addresses which you need to use in your Internet setting.

After changing the DNS addresses of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) with that of OpenDNS, an increase in Internet surfing speed is observed in most cases (not always). Now, your PC will connect to a reliable DNS servers of OpenDNS rather than your ISP.

One of the best feature of OpenDNS is that, even if the DNS servers of your ISP are down(unavailable) you can use the Internet. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted Internet.(this doesn’t work if the ISP server providing Internet access to your PC is also down)

Also, sometimes we mistakenly write wrong web-addresses in our browser toolbar. If the name of the domain is invalid, OpenDNS directly redirects you to the nearest domain name or it opens up a new browser window to ask you weather which website you really want to visit. Example:

If we type google.cmo instead of, will be loaded in your browser without giving you any annoying messages.

OpenDNS is a feature-rich service with many more features like Content filtering, Domain Blocking, Phishing protection, Adult Site Blocking, Large cache, Statistics, etc.

  • Sarvesh

    Bur does that mean I am no longer subscribed to my ISP or is it that openDNS redirects me thru ?

  • Tech freak

    Its just that instead of your ISP’s DNS server ,you are redirected to OpenDNS server. You have to be subscribed to your ISP as it gives you your IP address.OpenDNS doesnt supply you with any IP address to connect to the internet.

  • Anonymous

    thanx! thts gd