Compare Google and Yahoo Search Results.

Many a times we find a major differences between search engine rankings of a particular website even after entering the same keywords in two different search engines. Google and Yahoo being the most widely used search engines, the difference between their search result rankings do matter. As an example, I would like to tell you, when the keyword “Tech Freak Stuff” is used in Google, this blog appear at the first position while when the same term is entered in Yahoo, this blog doesn’t appear till the third search result page. Because of these reasons comparisons between search engine rankings is a must.

There have been websites like PolaCola which was previously known as GahooYoogle. This websites gives you an option to select between different search engines, So that you can compare the search results. But the only drawback of this website is that the search results which appear here are quite old and so they do not match with the current search results in Yahoo and Google search engines.

For overcoming this flaw, a private group named GoogleGuy has develop a web-utility which allows searching the Google and Yahoo search engines and getting the current search engine rankings. Please note that this group is not the real GoogleGuy and is not affiliated with Google.

You can directly search Google and Yahoo search engines from using the search box below, to get the current search results of both search engines in side-by-side frames.

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