Search for Spoken Content with Speech-Recognition in Youtube

We always knew that Google will take thing to new heights. And with the launch of speech recognition capability in some YouTube videos that enables you to search for text spoken in these videos, we cant help thinking of microphones replacing keyboards and mouse in near future.

To try speech recognition in YouTube yourself, add this Video-Search gadget to your Google homepage. The search is currently limited to some political videos only, but it is a good hint of what is yet to come in Google search.

If your search query matches with some YouTube video, the positions where those words are uttered are indicated by yellow markers. We can read the transcribed text by hovering the mouse cursor over those yellow markers.

Google uses their own speech recognition technologies to listen to the audio portion of the video and then transcribe speech into text. Google can search and transcribe text from new videos with hours after they get uploaded on YouTube. This is real fast. What if this feature is expanded to video content like TV clips, news videos, video podcasts, etc? That will be so much fun..Thanks Amit