Starting Guest-Blogging on this Blog

There have been quite a lot of friends and other publishers, who have expressed a desire to write for this blog. Giving due respect to all of those, I have decided to make this blog open for all publishers who wish to post their content on this blog. To write a guest article for this blog you just need to mail your articles at I will go through the article and make any changes if needed(off course after concerning you)

The Guidelines and the terms and conditions, are similar to those of most other blogs. No special rules here! Guest blogging will take-off within 2-3 days. You can start mailing your content right from this moment.

I might not publish the content if I think it is Derived or Copied from some where else. Also content which highly promotes a particular product or attempts to SELL any product wont be entertained. Affiliate links inside the Posts are strictly not allowed. Publishers will get a Strong Do-Follow Back-link for their Blog/Website in the end of the Post. Remember, Original thoughts are most welcome. Please keep the Articles relevant to the Niche of this blog, a slight deviation from the original niche is Okay(depends on the magnitude of Slightness)
guest blogging factors
Please send in your Articles only after running a thorough Spell-Check with a good Dictionary. Also, I would prefer HTML edited Articles along with Pictures which you wish to be inserted inside the post.

It must be noted that I hold the ultimate authority to decline your Guest post without being answerable to any of your questions. Only if you accept the above conditions, send me your posts via Email.

Hoping for support and help from all the readers. Thank You all for your Constant support.

  • Mivka

    Hello Rohit,

    I’m glad you opened up for guess blogging. I just have one question. You said that if refused you will offer no explanation as to why. But what if I ask kindly simply to know what I can imporve on to make sure I deliver on my next article post, would that be okay?



  • Rohit Sane

    @Mivka: I will tell you whats wrong and Why I am rejecting your post!!