Track Ad-Clicks Without Google Analytics

There was always a need to know, How to track Google Adsense Clicks?, How to get Google Analytics-type data for our Ad clicks?, How to track clicks on all links in any web-page?, Who, From Where and When clicked on any of your Ads?. Even though this data would appear crap for amateurs, it is quite useful for professionals and curious bloggers. There have been a lot of ways to track Clicks with Google Analytics, but these include setting up complex Goals and other brain-stammering techniques. What if we can track Clicks with a simple Analytics-type code?(not dependent on Google Analytics)


ClickAider is web statistics system which is designed mainly to track clicks on advertisements and links.

ClickAider supports a long list of advertisement systems and constantly adds new ones as it comes to their notice. Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, and Clicks to other affiliates are tracked. Now the anonymity of visitors who click on our Ads no longer exists.

ClickAider is a easy-to-use service as it just needs a JavaScript code to be inserted in the source code of the web-page, and the tracking initiates. You don’t need to depend on some crude JavaScript codes developed by various individuals for tracking Ad clicks.

Even though I am new to using this service, it gives me a plenty of cool features like knowing the exact Ads which are clicked, and detailed log of tracking activities. It makes me known of what my visitors are really interested in and which links are they clicking. With all these information, I find myself as a private Webmaster having detailed tracking log of my website.
ClickAider FAQ