USB-Powered Portable Charger (Mobiles,Ipods)

We always run out of our Ipod or cell Phone batteries when we desperately need them. So we need to get to some nearby repair-centres and plead the owners so that they allow us to charge our portable device there. But in most of the cases, we are unable to find any repair centre nearby or even if we get to it then too the owner doesn’t allow. So How’s the idea to carry an all-in-one portable charger in your pocket each time you get out?

POWERSTICK is a portable power source for your mobile devices. POWERSTICK is a USB-flash drive LOOK-ALIKE which can be charged from any USB port anytime. Carrying this small thing frees yourself from all kinds of tensions regarding battery lives and wall sockets, converters, adapters and chargers.

POWERSTICK comes with nine free connectors namely: (1)Sony Erricson (2)LG (3)Nokia (4)Motorola (5)Samsung (6)Blackberry (7)iPod (8)iPhone (9)Mini-USB.

POWERSTICK is a product of Ecosol and comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.For more information regarding its Design and Specifications visit POWERSTICK