Venetian Blind T-Shirt bares belly by a Pull of a String

Its been a long time since not having tried to wear some thing new. Something different. And also, what if it adds to your SEXY quotient ? I am including this product in my blog as it is related to the latest technology in the Fashion World. A T-Shirt which can be shortened near your belly.

A T-Shirt from Venetian Blind bares your belly with a pull of a string. Although, this can be taken into a very positive way from the point of view of hot girls, that they can expose their upper body to whom-so-ever they want with just a pull of a string without compromising on the fashion quotient.

Also casual dressers can use it in hot summer. Also pulling the string makes the belly and lower-chest airy.

As of now this T-shirt is available only in Museums,that too only in selected museums.This is the complete list where you can find this Tee. Click here to find your appropriate Sizes-variations.
Thanks Gizmodo