AutoRefresh if Website Not Loading in FireFox

Many-a-times it happens that we try opening a website but the request gets timed-out or the web server is down momentarily. It can also be a result of too much load on the server or maybe your own Internet connection getting interruptions. In majority cases, this error gets corrected after refreshing the website using the F5 key or the refresh option in the browser toolbar. But sometimes, we keep on refreshing but to no avail.

While working with a number of tabs in FireFox, it might be a tedious job to keep refreshing each tab when you get an Internet disconnection. So here is TryAgain, which is a Mozilla FireFox Add-on.

TryAgain v3.2 keeps refreshing web-pages when they do not load in the first attempt. So, you don’t need to manually go to each and every tab and reload it. Its like someone is doing this work automatically for you after each 5 to 10 seconds(you can customize the refreshing interval)

And if the server doesn’t respond after several attempts you can always have a look at the web-page through Google Cache or the WayBack Archive.
So now your refreshing job appears to have taken a back step. Enjoy with this automatic refresher!!