Filter for Google Search results.

It often happens that when we search Google for some important data we get some crappy Search results from Google owned sites like Knol, Blogger and YouTube (which are not welcome). To get rid of the search results from these sites, there is a cool new Customized Google search engine. Check it out.

Google minus Google is an Customized Google search engine which excludes search results from the above mentioned Google sites.

This is a great Search engine which can be smartly used to differentiate between Google utilities and other ones. But frankly speaking, we do not need such a Search engine for filtering the Search results, we can do it ourselves by noticing the URL of the search result in Google. We can ignore Google sites there itself.

Anyways, in the age of technology we do not wish to stress our brains identifying the Google sites. So Google minus Google is here.

Even though this Search engine is useful in some cases, it doesn’t filter the Google search results intellectually. For example: The blogs hosted on Blogger are observed whose domain names doesn’t contain the Sub-Domain.