Find & Fix Broken Links on Websites

Wanna find and fix Broken links on your Blog or Website?
It becomes quite irritating when we encounter broken links on any webpage. It is necessary to avoid broken links in order to keep visitors of the website happy and ensure that search engine rankings do not get penalized because of too many broken links. So, we should take extreme care that we ourselves do not have broken links on our blogs or websites.

Manually checking for broken links on Large websites and blogs with thousands of webpages is literally impossible. Here is where programs like Xenu Broken Link Checker codenamed Xenu’s Link Sleuth come handy.

Checking thousands of pages in a Website for broken links takes a mere 4-5 minutes for Xenu’s Link Sleuth. Also a report is obtained explaining the exact reason of what is the cause of Broken link. This makes it easy for webmasters to takes steps regarding the problem.

The color codes used while reporting also makes it easy to check for problems as Green usually means that the link is working while Red indicates a broken link.

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