Google Logos for Beijing Olympic 2008-Part 1

Beijing Olympics 2008 are watched all over the world but Google has a new way of showing it to the world. During the Olympics we came across various Google logos which were seen on the Google homepage. We present to you our collection of this logos.Look on!

It is to be noted that these logos were observed on the Google homepage, all over India and we do not promise of these logos being observed in other countries. But, it is our observation that most of these logos were observed all over the world. This is the first part of Google logos in our Olympic Series. We will present the Second and the Final part as soon as the Beijing Olympics end.

8th August

9th August

10th August

11th August

12th August

13th August

14th August

15th August

This image was observed on the occasion of the Indian Independence day

16th August

17th August

Sorry! we missed out on the 18th August Google Logo.

19th August

20th August

21st August

Stay tuned for our next series of Google’s Olympics logos!