How to Maintain and Clean a Computer Mouse.

Mouse is among the most used input devices on a computer. So it is essential to maintain and clean your mouse regularly. The first thing you need to know is that “Is your mouse calibrated?” To find out, Click and hold on the Y below. Then drag the Y towards g.(Click and Drag)

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If it doesn’t work, you need to Clean your mouse.

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Now-a-days most people use optical mouse rather than the mechanical one because they are more sensitive. But LED based Optical Mice tend to get sticky over time because surface dust collects on the soft pads located near their light emitter. This might cause rough mouse movements and worse, the mouse may not work at all.

The easiest way to clean dust without opening the mouse is by cleaning its lower part.Invert the mouse and gently rub your finger nail on each of the soft pad. Although this is not a very hygienic approach but definitely the fastest way to get going. Never use a sharp instrument like Shaving Blade, Knife or a Toothpick to clean the mouse as that may do a permanent damage to the soft pads.

Get a soft cloth dipped in water and gently rub it over the soft pads. Once the pads become slightly wet (not soaked), pick a clean white sheet of paper and run the mouse over it. The paper will absorb any of the remaining dust or sticky grease.There are chances that some grease is also sticking to your mouse pad. Apply some mild-soap water to the surface and wipe it with the cloth.

Another alternative approach is to Place the mouse on an A4 size paper, and hold the paper down with your other hand. Apply some downward pressure on the mouse, then drag it to the other side of the paper. Rub the mouse over the paper for some time. Your mouse feet are now sparkling clean!

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    Keeping your mouse clean seems pretty basic and straightforward, but it’s often overlooked.