Create Mobile Phone Wallpaper from Screenshots

We come across many pics which we would love as our Mobile phone wallpaper. But most of these pics are not of our mobile phone wallpaper’s resolution and so applying them as wallpapers do not appear good. So what can be done to overcome this?

A freeware utility for Windows(only Windows) named WEYS – Whatever You See on your mobile phone screen wallpaper through the phone graphic can be converted into an image of your Phone wallpaper.

Although WEYS is not a powerful graphic editor like photoshop or others, it is simple to use as you just need to drag the model of the phone(for which you need a wallpaper) over the image which is to be applied as the wallpaper. Just snap the image to save on your phone.

As of now this is a Windows-only utility and also its upgradation to other platforms appears no way near. Downloads and other information.