Remove Dotted Focus Rectangle around Icons

You have come across the Dotted Rectangle which surrounds the last selected item in Windows. It is often termed as “Focus Rectangle”. This is minor, but still kind of ugly-looking environment to any Icon image. How to get rid of this annoying ugly-looking outline once and for all?

The Focus Rectangle can be forgotten by just adding a small “DLL” file in the Windows directory and registering it with a single command.
1. Put RemoveFocusRect(which is a DLL file which you will extract from the zip file) in your system32 directory.
2. Click Start and select Run.
3. Type “regsvr32 RemoveFocusRect.dll” (without the quotes) and press OK.
4. Next time a program is started, it won’t have focus rectangles.
Note: In Windows Vista, all those steps should be done with administrative privileges.

After this you will still see selected items highlighted, but their remains won’t hang around your desktop or menu bars.

Focus Rectangle Remover is a free download for Windows XP and Vista and will surely make your working with windows a lot less annoying. Download Focus Rectangle Remover
Thanks Lifehacker

  • Navin

    why would anyone want to remove the “Focus Rectangle”?
    in fact XP users really want to have a similar “Focus Rectangle” in their desktop too.
    for XP users who want this “Focus Rectangle”, they can use AVEDESK.